Jacobean Network

The Database of Academic, Scientific, and Didactic Resources of the Camino de Santiago, known as "Red Jacobea," is a research tool where you can find updated information about living researchers, institutions, academic activities, and journals dedicated to the study of the Camino de Santiago and pilgrimages.

Its main objective is to promote contact, collaboration, and the acquisition of scientific and didactic resources for researchers, disseminators, and educators with the purpose of facilitating communication among independent agents who are conducting studies related to the Camino de Santiago. In this way, it aims to consolidate the creation of a global Camino de Santiago network, fostering synergies and revitalizing studies about the pilgrimage route. This initiative encourages the organization of academic activities, research projects, conferences, and international meetings; supports scientific and dissemination publications; and enhances educational activities.

"Red Jacobea" aims to be a dynamic and open tool. Therefore, all actors involved in Camino de Santiago studies are invited to participate in its proper functioning by providing updated data regarding the collected information or requesting the inclusion of new entries through our email: catedra.caminodesantiago@usc.es.

Research Project 2020: Camino de Santiago Database: Prof. Paula Pita Galán


The Database of Pilgrims who received the Compostela (BADAPECO) is a digital tool for consultation, collaboration, and open research. It provides updated information about historical pilgrims who traveled to the Cathedral of Santiago de Compostela to receive the Compostela, which is the certificate granted by the Santiago Church that certifies having completed the Camino de Santiago pilgrimage.

Developed from the pilgrim records preserved in the Cathedral Archive of Santiago (1830-1896), this database becomes a fundamental instrument in the international context of Camino de Santiago studies and research centers. It aspires to be the cornerstone of a Network of Pilgrim Databases, which will allow the collection and interrelation of existing data worldwide about Camino de Santiago pilgrims.

Therefore, BADAPECO must function as an effective means of constant data updating and collaboration among institutions and researchers of the Camino de Santiago. It is offered to all of them to update and introduce any personalized information about pilgrims, whether included in the database or not, in their respective fields or in new ones. This can be done by contacting moderna@catedraldesantiago.es or using the data modification request form available for each entry.